Making art has always been my passion and I have experienced many phases of creativity throughout my life. Like many artists, I have worked at other necessary things and did not begin exhibiting my work until later in life. I have been a kindergarten teacher, a pediatric therapist, a calligrapher, a hockey mom,  and a small business owner. All of these experiences have helped to shape who I am and have influenced my work.

 I am mostly self taught and enjoy working with various two dimensional mediums. The human figure and portraiture is endlessly fascinating to me and I love exploring ways to twist and turn traditional representations into something new. I work with paint, pen and ink and paper collage to create images full of color and detail. I have also explored letterforms, collage, abstract ideas and even mural work.

 I am drawn to both the light and dark themes of fantasy, enchantment, humor and fun. And I am inspired by my love for fashion history and creatively dressed ladies and gentlemen. My goal is to create images that delight, provoke or simply make people see what they know in a different way.